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Fitness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Online Personal Trainer. 

RAISE YOUR STANDARD! Unleash Your Inner Athlete!

Vesna is Fitness Coach and owner of VanFitYoga (Vancouver Fitness & Yoga) helping people fully utilize the infinite potential of their body to feel and look good. 

Vesna specializes in Strength & Conditioning and Metabolic Conditioning training. An epitome of strong body and mind, she lives and breaths this lifestyle.
Vesna's passion for fitness, ultimate and optimal lifestyle goes beyond just a workout. She uses & utilizes fitness as a tool to train not just the body but the mind. She translate thru fitness the REAL WORLD & LIFE. 

Vesna provides strength & conditioning, weight loss, performance solutions and nutritional guidance to clients in Vancouver, Canada and online world wide. Her online program provides personally customized workout programs complete with video instructions, and nutritional guidance to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Vesna has over 15 years of experience in fitness industry. Her background is wide and diverse. She studied Criminology & Psychology but decided that Fitness is her passion after discovering that she suffered from Hypertension (high blood pressure). She was hospitalized due to this condition and was put on medication. It is at that time that she went back to her Fitness roots and decided to take it to a different level. She improved and changed her own body, mind, and connected deeper to her spirit. She wanted to make a difference and help people be aware of importance of fitness in life to get healthier, happier, fitter, stronger and better. 

She is a graduate of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Registered Kundalini & Yoga Instructor, MAT Pilates, Fitness Nutrition - American Council on Exercise, as well as Energy Healing - Reiki Practitioner. 

AREAS OF FOCUS:                                       CERTIFICATION:
Weight Loss                                                     American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Muscle Gain                                                     Fitness Nutrition, ACE

Corporate Health & Wellness                           CPR & First Aid
Fitness Performance                                        Kundalini Yoga & 200Hrs                                   Lifestyle Change                                              MAT Pilates                                           

Stress Management                                         Reiki

Energy Improvement                                        TRX                                                   
Healthy Eating Habits                                       

Vesna Bliss, Fitness Coach​​



Vesna's approach to fitness is both unique and compelling at the same time. She uses all her expertise (Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Nuritional guidance, and Energy healing) to bring awareness to all three components: mind, body and spirit, to reach the ultimate  goal of every client: "FEEL & LOOK GOOD". This approach proved to be the best way to help each client reach any and every of their goals. 

Her motto "Fitness is a lifestyle for a lifetime" is one that she lives and breathes. Her end goal for every client is just the same: to make fitness fun and a lifestyle for a lifetime. In a busy world that continuously forces us to focus on the material existence of the Self and surrounding, we often forget to take care of our own and total well being. 

Vesna teaches people how to fully utilize the infinite potential of their body through transformational programs that train the mind to be limitless. It all starts with energy and when we are not aligned, we become depleted and our body communicates through symptoms such as weight gain, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, pain, injuries etc.  We do so much every day, working so hard, pushing, demanding, doing. We put in endless hours of work, juggle 1000 things, rush from place to place, all at a cost of the very and only thing we do need to make any other dreams alive: our HEALTH! Without health and peace of mind NOTHING is possible or enjoyable.

But in the end we all make a choice. How much do you PRIORITIZE YOU? 

Well I didn't either at some times. That is the truth. I push, go, fitness suffered, my health too, and I had not much to show for anything. But I decided I am not a victim of any event in my life and it was time for re-birth and change. 

I wasn't always in the same shape as I am now. I was not always making best decisions either, but I started to. Day by day, moment by moment, little bit by little bit. Changing habits, thought patterns, etc. Why? Because I decided to RAISE MY STANDARD! That I am WORTH it and I LOVE me.

I realized I am my best INVESTMENT. So, I focused on my INNER self, re-developing and growing inner strength, as well focusing on my physical well being.

In turn, Fitness gave me FOCUS and CLARITY. It kept me in alignment. It gave me STRENGTH. I gained more POWER over any poor habit. I gained BALANCE in my life. And I became more peaceful and present with my BREATH. Fitness gave me new and meaningful life. I have discovered and seen myself through different stages and fitness always held me up. There was never a day I regretted going to the gym.  I changed my body and I changed my mind. And I aligned myself to my spirit! 

My program is all encompassing, taking everything into aspect. On my own program I burned fat, gained lean muscle mass and maintained it. My endurance, strength, speed all improved drastically. 

I don't yo-yo, I dont starve, I don't diet. I train and eat healthy. But I am committed, disciplined and dedicated.

My program brings: STRENGTH, POWER, FOCUS, BALANCE AND BREATH. And most of all in my experience with my clients it has become their lifestyle, which ultimately is my goal for everyone. To love and care for ourselves. 

A commitment to self-love is the missing link that allows us to travel higher towards our best selves mentally, physically, emotionally. Are you ready to INVEST in yourself? Are you ready to make a change and improve the quality of life you are currently living?

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then take that step forward and tell yourself "Time to RAISE MY STANDARD! Because I love you and because you are worth it" and begin your journey. I am committed to helping you all discover that missing link for yourselves and get stronger, healthier, and happier for a lifetime.  

My Prayer for our beautiful Creation:

May all beings be blessed with with joy and love. May all beings walk this Earth in peace and harmony together. May all beings be saved and protected from all suffering: emotional, spiritual, physical, material, and mental. And above all may we all, with every breath we take and every heartbeat we make, walk and exist in Compassion, Kindness, Grace, Support, Honor, Humility,  Love, Light, and Respect for one another. Thank you for being part of my journey and may you always know and be in Peace. 

With love, in gratitude, and service,

Vesna Bliss

Fitness Coach