Vancouver Fitness & Yoga 


***Unleash your inner Athlete! Get that savage out. Ready to up your fitness game and take it to next level?! This class is not for faint of heart.  Toys are anything from tire, sled, battleropes, kettlebells, box jumps and anything and everything we get our hands on in the gym. This class will get your heart pumpin' & veins poppin'. Are you ready to face yourself and see what you are made of?! One way of getting stronger is getting out on that battlefield and give it all you can to make it out.

Crush & Burn 
***Get ready to SKYROCKET your fitness to the next level. This is a metabolic conditioning program where the struggle is real and burn is so good. We will be using training methods such as weightlifting, power lifting, running, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics, rowing, biking, and other sporting disciplines. Get ready to CRUSH your workout as your heart rate goes up & heart rate goes down. We are gonna BURN some serious fat & calories as we build and lean. Feel the burn and enjoy the effects.

***This class is for advanced and intermediate level, fitness junkies and those who LOVE to be challenged & push their limits bringing all they got to their workout mentally & physically.
A class is a combination of everything EPIC!
Get LIT ON HIIT is guaranteed to get ur heart rate up & the sweat dripping. Push your self physically and mentally it will all be over in 60mins. Celebrate with heaps of high fives and plenty of fun.

Naked Warrior
***Class that will whip you into ultimate shape and improve your fitness game.  Naked means no equipment. Warrior/Soldier means strength, stamina, power, speed, that fighting spirit to survive the "battlefield" 

***Designed to SHRED and strip away access kilos. Expect the unexpected. This class can involve anything and everything. Drill and partner work. You will build strength, burn fat, and test your mental resilience like no other class. Dig deep! 

Sweat & Stretch
***Perfect way to end your week. Every athlete needs to take care of their body for longevity. This is when this class comes in.  You will target muscles you did not even know existed in the ways you did not know even possible. Every class will deliver a total body workout that stretches, strengthen & sculpts, improving functionality and performance in other sports and practices. This class aids mobility, recovery, prevents injury and strengthens the core. Great for any level especially for and those who train hard and often. Classes are floor based using body weight, straps, blocks, foam rollers, weights, and bands. Regular class will help your build a practical flexibility programme into your training regime enabling you to reach your full performance potential. 

*** This Class we start with 30 min cardio and then go into 30 min of body sculpting using free weights (body weight, dumbells, bars etc). A perfect full body workout.

Yoga Sculpt
***You will move through fusion of pilates, traditional yoga poses & styles. Flow at times using bands, balls etc. You will work through bouts of strength - training, working on core, stabilizers maintaining awareness of your breath.This class is important aspect for anyone wanting to improve their mobility, strengthen the core, improve flexibility and balance. ​

Team Alpha
***Step outside of the normal routine. This class elevates strength, and shocks your body’s energy systems.  It is challenging enough for any fitness level.The class can include lifting, plyometrics, strength training, and athletic conditioning movements. You’ll  get lung-torching, muscle-blasting cardio and strength training in with the use of free weights, resistance bands, mini bands, and a bench/step platform. Trust us it is going to kick your ass. You’ll get the attention you need to master basic lifts and more advanced moves. You’ll boost cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance, cut fat, build muscle, and gain better mobility and flexibility. This is an all-around approach to fundamental strength training with the added bonus of having a team to support and motivate you. 
This class is for anyone trying to boost their strength and muscle mass.
BENEFITS - you get that caloric afterburn that revs your metabolism. It’s also efficient and tones your body faster than, cardio alone. 

***What better way to spend a day then to get LIIT with Vesna.  Energize & Revitilize, Balance, Focus.Full body weights class. 
Put your whole body to the test. Time under tension and long intervals build muscular endurance, a strong core and a lean physique. This class is for better movement, body alignment and core strength, Concise, considered and conscious movements to strengthen the body from within.  Flow through the moves to hone balance, coordination and boost strength. By your body for your body.


***Perfect class for those sore muscles.  Mix of Yin & Restorative Yoga is a body nurturing, slow paced style of yoga with poses that are held for longer periods of time (2 to 5min or longer per pose is typical). Our Yin may on occasion include and incorporate additional equipment like release balls for that extra muscular release. 

ZEN - Fusion Yoga styles - Let go and flow. This class will at times challenge your focus and balance, muscles and breath. At other times pace will be slow and mellow challenging your patience and receptiveness. Each class will always finish with a beautiful 5 - 10min of meditation. Perfect way to end the week. Center. Ground. Recharge and get set for the week ahead. 

BARBELLS - using barbells for variety of exercises. Full body workout. Get ready to get drenched and out of breath! Low reps, high intensity! 

ABS & CARDIO BLAST - Perfect for those desiring stronger core and more defined abs. This class incorporates plyometric training, outbursts of high intensity cardio with building solid shredded abs. Quick and dirty 45min workout! 


ABS & LEGS - 4 week program (8 classes)  

Mondays 5pm

Cost $250

DESCRIPTION - Get your summer body ready early with this booty building/gains and shredded abs program.

FIT MOM CAMP - 4 week program (8 classes) 

Mondays & Wednesdays 11am & 2pm

Cost - $250

DESCRIPTION - Great way to meet other moms, sweat, inspire, motivate and rise together in this high energy fitness class. It is time to reclaim you and burn of any post pregnancy weight! Together is better.

Women's Only Bootcamp - 4 week program (8 classes) 

Tuesdays & Fridays 830am

Cost - $250

DESCRIPTION - A program designed for women to get stronger from inside out, In this program you will shed fat, build muscle, increase your endurance, strength and improve your overall cardiovascular health. 

Fitness Fundamentals - Level 1 - 4 week program ( 4 classes) 

Tuesdays 9:30am

Cost - $150

DESCRIPTION - Taking your first steps into the world of fitness? Then this program was designed for you. Learn the basic fundamentals in an approachable environment while practicing proper form, basic exercises and healthy eating habits. 

Weekend Yoga Experience - 4 week program (8 classes) 

Saturdays 5pm & Sundays 6pm

Cost $125

DESCRIPTION - ​Explore the wonderful world of yoga with me. Each week will be embarking on a new yoga & meditation adventure tapping into your yin or yang. Everyone deserves some time for self love, make it a priority and join us in this fun yoga experience. 



6am - Shreds: The Ultimate Fat Burning HIIT Workout 

7pm - Team Alpha ​


6am - Crush & Burn 



6am - Shreds: The Ultimate Fat Burning HIIT Workout

730pm - Lit On HIIT


6am - R.I.P.P.E.D.(Strength & Muscle Building  & Endurance)


​7:30am - Crush & Burn  

5:30pm - Savages