With many years of teaching experience in India, Nepal, Bali, Europe and Canada, Vesna's style of teaching is motivating, supportive, encouraging, inspiring, challenging, and nurturing. However, even though she creates warm, supportive, guiding, and light - hearted environment, you will feel challenged in your own way.

Vesna teaches people how to fully utilize the infinite potential of their body through transformational programs that train the mind to be limitless. It all starts with energy then awareness and conscious choices. When we are not aligned, we become depleted and our body communicates through symptoms such as weight gain, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, pain, injuries etc. We are all gifted with our unique beauty, power, and wisdom to have ultimate freedom and fulfillment. We all have different challenges but all of them are an opportunity for self discovery, improvement, and evolutionary life transformations. 

Vesna's classes are designed for any student: beginners, advanced, youth, seniors, athletes, and those seeking pain management and injury prevention. Classes are fun, challenging and always rewarding. The motto is to go with awareness, steady, to keep up, and to always listen to your body. She creates environment that fosters self - inquiry and self - discovery, assisting students in recognizing their unique strengths and challenges. With clear, detailed, step by step instruction, Vesna will help you see and understand your body in a new light, using yoga as a essential tool for maintaining mind-body balance. I design classes to help all levels keep up, discover and attain inner peace and well - being in the world full of stress and daily demands. 

In class a student can expect to experience improvement in mind - body well-being as they get in shape, tone muscle, release toxins, strengthen core 
and nervous system, gain flexibility, increase endurance, improve posture, discover self within self, learn breath, expand awareness, feel more balanced, improve sleep, prevent and manage pain/injuries, reduce stress, and much more! 

Her experiences, integrity, holistic approach, passion for a healthy and harmonious way of life, help every student tap deep into the core of self. 

KUNDALINI YOGA: As taught by Yogi Bhajan, who brought this ancient style of yoga from India to the West. Kundalini Yoga has captured Vesna's heart, and is one style of yoga she has been dedicated to in her own personal practice. Kundalini yoga assists and awakens the Kundalini energy, the creative potential that already exists in all of us. Kundalini energy originates at the base of the spine, and when stimulated, it flows upward, awakening all of our 7 chakras. This practice enables one to merge with one's own divine and universal Self. A typical Kundalini Yoga class includes: tuning in, kriya (set of exercises/postures/asana), deep relaxation, meditation and closing. Class consists of  different mudra (hand gesture), pranayama (breathing techniques), and mantra (sacred sound).
Benefits:improved immune system, stronger core and nervous system, calmer and clearer mind, awareness expansion that occurs faster than in any 
other type of yoga and overall well -being. Kundalini yoga is created for people with the daily challenges and stress of balancing work and family life. 
Its advantage is that it produces results very quickly, as you get a hands-on access to your deepest emotions, and highest consciousness. 

"Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and beautiful ancient practice that works in such a subtle, but deep and profound way. It feels like you have walked for 
miles, and one day, just like that, you become aware of how far you have come. It's almost as though day by day nothing changes, but when you look 
back, everything is different. It is not a shock to the system; rather, it gues you, prepares you, and slowly opens you to the infinity in your own self. 
Life never seemed the same anymore...Life became LIFE and I started LIVING. Kundalini Yoga changed my life in ways unimaginable and ways that simply freed my being" - Vesna 

"Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self."

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